Eligibility & criteria for 2019 submissions

Please send 3 copies of each title submitted to:

c/o Agile Ideas, 

Studio 10
Glove Factory Studios
Brook Lane
BA14 6RL

Submissions close 26 October 2018

Book publication dates:
Books first published 16th November 2017 – 15th November 2018

Book titles submitted should be available in print in the UK.
Please note that categories marked with an asterisk will incur a levy fee of £275 for each title shortlisted. In the other 3 book categories, the levy fee will be £175. This is to cover the costs of the project management of the campaign and the design, printing and distribution of the official point of sale which promote the shortlisted books in-store. There is no charge for submissions.

All shortlisted and winning titles will feature heavily on POS distributed to all participating retailers and libraries across the country. POS includes posters, stickers, an awards magazine and bookmarks.
Once assessed the shortlists will be confidentially shared with publishers in mid December revealed to the media on 9th January 2018.

The Ceremony will this year be refocused into a reception event and take place at the end of February in Central London - Ticket prices for authors and guests will be reduced to under £100 to be as inclusive as possible.

ALL winning authors will receive a handmade globe in commemoration of their achievement as well as, where highlighted, a prize. 




*Stanford Travel Book of the Year Award
The award, which is open to authors from all across the world, celebrates excellence in literary travel writing; please note that guidebooks are not eligible. The winner of this prestigious award will also be presented with a financial Prize.


Children's Travel Book of the Year
Fiction or non-fiction title for pre-teens which inspires a love of travel, exploration and adventure.
Photography & Illustrated Travel Book of the Year
A book of photography, illustrations, maps or infographics relating to travel, adventure or world cultures aimed at the adult market and with their focus on either one place or the entire World, with limited accompanying text. The overall design and quality of publication of the book will also be considered by the judges.
Travel Cookery Book of the Year
Cookbook or non-fiction food writing focused on a particular national cuisine or telling of food related exploration/travel. Must capture a sense of the place's identity and culture.
*Fiction, with a Sense of Place
A novel from any genre within fiction (populist or literary) with a highly developed and integral sense of a real location interwoven within the plot or narrative.
*Adventure Travel Book of the Year
Presented to the author of a book of accessible non-fiction telling of either an individual's personal adventure or recounting an historical life or expedition. Open to memoir, autobiography, biography and history titles relating to travel and exploration.