Photography & Illustrated Travel Book of the Year

The Writer's Map: An Atlas of Imaginary Lands edited by Huw Lewis-Jones
Writer's Map jacket.jpg

From The Hobbit and the Narnia chronicles to Pratchett’s Discworld, from A. A. Milne’s Hundred Acre Wood to David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas – and many other strange and surprising places The Writer’s Map is a spellbinding compendium of writers’ thoughts on the geographies they describe and the wild landscapes of their imagination.

Maps have the power to transport us, filled as they are with wonder and possibility. In The Writer’s Map, a team of internationally acclaimed writers share their personal insights, encompassing not only the

maps that appear in their books, but also the maps that have inspired them and the sketches they create

in writing. For some, making a map is absolutely central to the craft of shaping and telling their tale. A

writer’s map might also mean the geographies they describe, the worlds inside books that rise from the

page, mapped or unmapped, and the realms that authors inhabit as they write.

Huw Lewis-Jones is a historian of exploration and an expedition guide. He has a PhD from the University

of Cambridge and was Curator at the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, and the National Maritime Museum, London. His books include Imagining the Arctic, The Conquest of Everest (winner of the History Award at the Banff Mountain Festival), The Crossing of Antarctica and Across the Arctic Ocean. He is the author, with Kari Herbert, of the highly acclaimed Explorers’ Sketchbooks (2016).

Escape By Bike: Adventure Cycling, Bikepacking and Touring Off-Road by Joshua Cunningham
Escape by Bike jacket.jpg

Cycling writer and photographer Joshua Cunningham spent eleven months cycling from the UK
to Hong Kong, a journey that took him through twenty-six countries and across 21,000
kilometres (13,670 miles) of the Eurasian landmass. During his journey, he captured thousands
of breathtaking photographs and acquired a wealth of invaluable experience that he shares in
Escape by Bike, from how to arrange travel and select the best bike to what to pack for each
climate and terrain, and how to choose and navigate the route.
Equal parts travelogue and practical guide, this exhilarating account divides the stages of
Cunningham’s tour into five chapters, each focusing on a geographical environment: forest,
desert, mountain, tropical and urban.


Joshua Cunningham is a writer, photographer and consultant who specialises in cycling,
fitness, travel and adventure. He has worked in the editorial teams for Cyclist Magazine and
Bikes Etc, and his photography appears online and in print for both sport and travel magazines.

The Hidden Tracks: Wanderlust Off the Beaten Path by Can Honan

The Hidden Tracks guides the reader along scenic trails, on adventures off the beaten track, and through pristine hiking destinations around the world. 

 Embark on a thrilling exploration of the world’s most exciting, magnificent, and varied walking trails and hiking destinations. Besides the better-known paths, The Hidden Tracks will also highlight some of the more out-of-the-way gems—be it an expedition on the other side of the world or a day’s hike just a few hours from your hometown.  

 From a magic trail leading through a forest of giant trees and breathtaking mountain ascents in South America to a trek across some of the world’s highest sand dunes in Mongolia, this selection of one-of-a-kind trails is presented with stunning imagery, detailed trail descriptions, overview maps, and insider advice on how to make the most of each trip. The book is both a visual journey and an invitation to pack your hiking boots and discover untouched hiking destinations. 

Over the last 25 years, Cam Honan has trekked more than 90,000 km (55,000 mi). Backpacker Magazine claims to never have met “anyone who’s logged more miles.” Cam has hiked in over 50 countries and splits his time between Australia and his adopted homeland of Mexico. 

Maps of London & Beyond by Adam Dant, foreword by The Gentle Author

Artist and cartographer Adam Dant surveys London’s past, present and future from his studio in the East End. Beautiful, witty and subversive, his astonishing large-format, fine art maps offer a compelling view of history, lore, language and life in the capital and beyond.

Adam Dant studied at the Royal College of Art, London and the MS University Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, India. He creates elaborate narrative drawings that examine and depict public contemporary life, space, mythologies and histories. Extensively researched and wittily perceptive, these works of art draw on a deep well of historical and visual sources. Adam Dant was the official election artist in 2015. He lives and works in London. He was born in Cambridge and is now based in Club Row, East London.  

The Gentle Author writes daily about the culture of East London for the blog Spitalfields Life, covering a variety of topics, from criminals and street life to culinary delights.

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The Golden Atlas: The Greatest Explorations, Quests and Discoveries on Maps by Edward Brooke-Hitching
Golden Atlas cover.jpg

A spectacular visual history of global exploration and cartography, illustrated with a selection of the most beautiful maps ever created.  
The Golden Atlas takes you back to a world of darkness and peril, placing you on storm-lashed ships, frozen wastelands and the shores of hostile territories to see how the lines were drawn to form the shape of the modern world. 

Edward Brooke-Hitching is the author of the critically acclaimed books The Phantom Atlas (2016), which has been translated into nine languages, and Fox Tossing, Octopus Wrestling and Other Forgotten Sports. The son of Franklin Brooke-Hitching, collector of the largest and most comprehensive library of British exploration and discovery ever accumulated, he is also a writer for the BBC series QI and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He lives in London.  

Wonders: Spectacular Moments in Nature Photography compiled by Rhonda Rubenstein and California Academy of Sciences

This breathtaking collection of nature photography reveals rare creatures, transports us to

distant landscapes and captures fleeting moments of drama and beauty in the natural world.

From a rare glimpse of the elusive Pampas cat to a heart pounding shot of the Wildebeest

Migration, each of the 100 plus images tells a story about the diversity and grandeur of life

on our planet. These photographs are all winners of the BigPicture Natural World

Photography Competition, founded in 2014 by the California Academy of Sciences to recognise photographers who use their artistic mastery to teach and inspire. With essays by leading lights in conservation and photography and captions explaining the natural phenomena and technology behind each shot, this book celebrates the beautiful intersection of art and science.

Rhonda Rubinstein is the creative director of the California Academy of Sciences and co-founder of the BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition.